Babies Who Do Not Want To Breastfeed / Breastfeed Strike?

Illustration of Babies Who Do Not Want To Breastfeed / Breastfeed Strike?
Illustration: Babies Who Do Not Want To Breastfeed / Breastfeed Strike?

Good afternoon. I want to ask, my child is 2 months old these few days my child does not want to suckle / go on a milk strike, is given formula milk and does not want to, fussy and often sleepy. if you see the condition of normal body temperature not fever. What are the contributing factors, why suddenly? And how to solve it? Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Before proceeding, please note how often the baby normally feeds. Infants with breast milk can suckle up to 8-12 times a day, and this number decreases with time. There are babies who want to breastfeed every 1-2 hours, but some are up to 5 hours, and everything is normal.

In the case of your child, if the frequency of breastfeeding is lower than that, maybe he did indeed experience certain disorders. There are various causes of lazy or difficult breastfeeding babies, including:

Babies are confused about the difference between pacifiers and nipples
The baby has just been immunized
The baby is sick or infected
Problems attachment to the baby when suckling
The baby will teething
Excessive use of pacifiers, pacifiers or pacifiers
There is canker sores

And it could also be for various other reasons. Our advice, if you really believe that your child's breastfeeding desire is reduced, consult his pediatrician for further examination. This is because these conditions are often unclear until direct inspection is conducted. Though each condition requires a different treatment. By having it checked directly with the experts, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling can be more precise.

Meanwhile, keep milking your milk so that it stays high even if your child does not want to breastfeed. Don't give formula milk if the reason is just for your baby to want to breastfeed, because the best nutrition for children up to 6 months is breast milk. You may give formula milk if your doctor has recommended it because of certain conditions for you or your baby. So, hopefully answering your question.

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