Baby Belly?

Illustration of Baby Belly?
Illustration: Baby Belly?

Doctor .. My baby was born 2.4kg a week at home, his stomach was enlarged like a balloon and bloated … the BAB and urine were fine. The CHAPTER was not hard … and my baby was breastfed .. I often vomited out of milk until it came out of the nose. nMy child is also not fussy..sleeping calmly .. nI checked into a doctor, a child specialist, I was advised to go to the hospital for a checkup … insert the tube through the rectum and mouth to release the air … reduce bloating .. nwkt is 2 weeks old .. n n after being dr … on rotgen..usg abdomen … the result is full of air or gas in her stomach .. so the conclusion is dr … my child is purely allergic which causes me to bloating and a lot of gas .. I did not eat foods that trigger allergies and gas..and he said max. until the age of 6 months everything will be normal. n n after a long period of time … his stomach is not as big as that time … my son is 1 month older so I like to fart..even a bit smelly..from the age of 2 months I have defecated once every 3 or 4 days..and a lot of feces..the color is nice. ning..I asked dr .wajar because my child is pure breastfeeding..jd is absorbed by his body. n ntp once he is 2 months old he defecates once a week … and he has been crying twice … normal .. yellow and very much .. n nStill often farting too .. but the stomach still looks a bit big, not as big as it used to be .. if he farted and had defecated his stomach looked flat..but tomorrow it’s like that again .. a bit too big .. n nI am a bit confused and worried .. please input

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Hello, good morning Wahidatun Toybah.

The first few days after the baby is born until the age of six weeks, babies who consume breast milk will usually defecate about 2-5 times per day. After that age, some babies will defecate in almost the same pattern, and some will have less frequent bowel movements, that is, every few days, with a higher volume of bowel movements. In breastfed babies aged 0-5 months, defecating once a week is still considered normal. Breastfed babies tend to defecate less frequently, because the composition of breastmilk is used entirely to meet the baby's nutritional needs, so that the amount of waste that is excreted by the body through defecation is very small.

The baby's face during normal defecation can be flushed and accompanied by tears, therefore parents need to pay attention to other signs of constipation that can be shown by babies. Another sign that a baby is constipated is the texture of the stool. In babies who are constipated, the texture of the stool will be harder and drier. If the stool is soft even if you have one bowel movement a week (or longer than that), your baby is not likely to be constipated. Apart from the texture of the stool, it is also important to pay attention to whether the baby's stomach is hard and whether there is blood in the stool (due to the anal wall being injured due to hard stool).

The following are conditions related to defecation in babies that need to be checked by a doctor for further treatment:

The baby is constipated for more than 2 weeks Vomiting Fever Weight loss Blood in the stool The baby cannot pass gas

Here are some ways you can do at home to help improve your baby's digestion:

make the child actively move, for example by moving the baby's legs like he is pedaling a bicycle, gently massaging the baby's stomach area (about 3 fingers below the navel) with a circular massage direction from the middle to the outside bathing with warm water, give more breast milk (for one reason from infrequent bowel movements is a baby lacking enough fluids

If you also experience lingering worries about your baby's condition, then we suggest that you better consult and have your baby checked again with the pediatrician who previously handled your baby. Thus it can be seen whether your baby has difficulty defecating purely as something normal, or if there are other underlying causes (for example dehydration, digestive system disorders, thyroid hormone disorders, etc.).

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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