Baby Care After Entering The NICU Room?

Illustration of Baby Care After Entering The NICU Room?
Illustration: Baby Care After Entering The NICU Room?

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Previously I did not know the indication why your baby should be treated with a trigger room but certainly because there are health problems where the trigger room is an intensive care unit that is provided specifically for newborns with critical conditions or have severe health problems. The age range of patients treated in the NICU room is newborns to infants aged 28 days. In general, the condition of the NICU room is very calm because the babies in it are very sensitive to sound and light. The babies in the NICU room are usually inside the incubator to keep their body temperature stable.

The length of stay in the NICU room varies, depending on the condition of each baby. The more serious the health problem is experienced, the longer he will be in the NICU room. There are many reasons why babies need to be cared for in the NICU room, but basically aims to get your child under intensive supervision and care.

As well as post-care care, the trigger room depends on your baby's natural condition, which of course the baby must still be given breast milk, so many good benefits for breast milk which can help the health experienced by your baby. Usually the doctor who treats your baby must provide advice or education before going home for post-treatment triggers according to the cause of your child entering the trigger, so each who enters the trigger room has a different treatment depending on the condition or cause.

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