Baby Girl’s Weight Is 13 Months?

Illustration of Baby Girl’s Weight Is 13 Months?
Illustration: Baby Girl’s Weight Is 13 Months?

Good afternoon, my 13-month-old daughter weighs 8kg, height 75cm, head circumference 44. I see that the kms are in light green, check in my primary application for nutrition is still good, but why can I say my child is malnourished?

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At the age of 13 months, the normal measurement of your child's nutritional status is:

Body weight ranges from 8.1 to 10.4 kg
Height / length of the body ranges from 72 to 78 cm
Head circumference ranges from 43 to 46.5 cm

At first glance, your baby's nutritional status measurement results are still relatively normal. However, as you can compare the results of your baby's measurement with normal benchmarks as we mentioned above, your baby's weight is actually not optimal. On this basis, your doctor may mention that your baby is malnourished, or at risk of experiencing malnutrition.

Malnutrition in infants may have many causes, for example due to lack of parental knowledge about nutrition, low socioeconomic levels, poor environmental sanitation, or also due to certain diseases, such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease, chronic infections (such as pulmonary TB), malignancy, congenital heart disease, or other chronic diseases.

Without checking your baby directly, it is certainly not appropriate if we conclude whether your baby is truly malnourished, threatened with malnutrition, or is actually not malnourished at all. More precisely, you consult directly the results of your baby's nutritional status examination to the doctor or pediatrician who checks it. When in doubt, you can also seek a second opinion by checking your baby again to another doctor.

So that babies avoid malnutrition, here are our recommendations for you:

Give the baby enough milk according to the needs of babies his age
Give the baby also MPASI variations of high nutritional value, vary the diet
In between meals, give the baby a healthy snack, such as non-MSG cookies, juice, cut fruit
Limit the habit of giving babies instant food, or letting them eat at random
Make sure the environment around the baby is always clean, well-ventilated and well-lit
Encourage your baby to be active and active
Keep the baby away from other people who are experiencing infectious pain
Regularly control the nutritional status of your baby to the nearest health facility

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