Baby Oil Spills Fit Your Nose And Mouth

Illustration of Baby Oil Spills Fit Your Nose And Mouth
Illustration: Baby Oil Spills Fit Your Nose And Mouth

Hello doc .. Ask for advice, this was my son aged 17 months baby oil toys. When I let my guard down it turned out he could open the bottle cap and the baby oil spilled on my child. The position of my child lay down. Spill the nose and mouth right 😭 then I immediately clean and suck the nose. But I don’t know if the baby oil is swallowed or not. I smell bad breath no baby oil smell bun. If you have a smell on your nose. What do you do, first aid, dock? I was afraid my ank would swallow the baby oil. He has no gag reflexes or coughing docks until now is still active. Then I will drink water u0026amp; ASI. Is it correct handling, doc

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Baby oil is a barrier to baby's skin that is often used by parents to help care for baby's skin. Baby oil is usually used by parents after bathing or if the baby has skin complaints, such as baby's skin experiencing mild irritation.

In general, the benefits of baby oil are:

Maintain the moisture of the baby's skin
Reducing diaper rash
Overcoming dry skin
Help massage for babies

The content of ingredients in baby oil products, usually contain mineral oil, Ianolin / animal oil, and perfume to give a certain odor to baby oil products. The composition in this product if it is not suitable for use on baby's skin can cause irritation, itching or redness; like the perfume on this product. So, if this baby oil product accidentally spills and enters through the baby's nose and mouth, then what you can do is clean it with a clean cloth so that the incoming oil can be minimized.

However, because the viscosity of baby oil is quite thick, it is very rare for this baby oil to spill too much on the spill area or on your baby's body parts. And naturally, babies also have a self-protective response in the form of reflexes to something that is not pleasant for him or make him happy, so that even if your baby spills accidentally, then spill into the area of ​​his nostrils or mouth if it does not bother him (not much) , then he will remain calm or not cry and as clean as rubbing or removing this spill. When you cry, it can also be because your baby is shocked by this spill.

If there are many spills on the face, many of which enter the nostrils or mouth, then the baby will give a response to cry, sneeze, nausea, or look baby oil in that part.

Even if this spill really happens in many parts of your baby's body and into the nose or mouth, then some efforts you can do, such as:

For oil that enters the nose, mouth, and spills on the skin, you can clean the oil spill with a clean cloth
For oil that enters the nose, mouth, and spilled on the skin, you can clean up oil spills with clean cloth water moistened with water in a new package (if it has to be sucked up, be careful and do it gently)
For oils that enter the digestive tract, you can give milk or breast milk, or water and additional food and cakes or bread to help reduce irritation in the digestion

Thus, the business you are doing is good enough, especially your child to remain active. But it still needs evaluation in the next 1-2 days.

Some possible side effects of baby oil that enter the nose and mouth can be:

Nausea and vomiting
Your child's stomach feels uncomfortable

If in the next 2 days there is no accompanying complaints, then there is probably no baby oil that enters the digestion or baby oil that does not enter much.

If you encounter comorbid complaints within 2 days, you should immediately consult your pediatrician. This condition needs to be evaluated and examined directly by a doctor to make sure there are any side effects complained of or that disturb your baby.

Thus the info we can convey.

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