Baby Shakes Head?

Illustration of Baby Shakes Head?
Illustration: Baby Shakes Head?

Doctor, I want to ask. My baby is 4 months old now. Since he was born until now he really likes to shake his head and quickly shake his head. He shook his head, especially when he was sleepy, wanted to sleep, wanted to nenen, his nose was blocked, itchy on his face because he was bitten by a mosquito, accompanied by his hands rubbing his face, especially his eyes. And so often like that, almost every time I want to sleep, it’s always like that. I’m worried doctor, is this normal?

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Hello Dayin,

Shaking your head at certain times, for example when you are sleepy, can be a condition that is still within normal limits and should not be a cause for concern. You can try to distract the baby so that it stops shaking his head.

However, although these conditions can be within normal limits, there are a number of things that must also be considered, for example if the following conditions occur:

Shaking the head continuously without pause or not only during certain conditions
The child still shakes his head even though his attention has been diverted
Shaking my head more and more often
Babies become fussy when shaking their heads or after

There are several conditions that can cause the above complaints, namely neurological disorders, muscle spasms, and seizures. Therefore, if your baby experiences some of the above, I suggest that you check your baby to a pediatrician so that further tests can be done to confirm the cause and condition of your baby. If necessary, the pediatrician will provide appropriate treatment.

The following is a discussion related to the topic of your question:

The child often shakes his head

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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