Baby Sleep Time?

Illustration of Baby Sleep Time?
Illustration: Baby Sleep Time?

Afternoon, my child is only one week old, when I have slept I don’t wake up, even though I try to breastfeed, but still, finally at night, I will stay up late for the most hours, is it normal for the health of the baby? too long Thanks, answer please …

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Basically, newborn babies do not have the ability to distinguish day and night (remember that in the womb the condition is always dark). This condition will actually improve by itself as the baby grows older, but you yourself can also help to introduce the time of day and night to the baby faster (so that his sleep time can be more normal, meaning that he takes a shorter nap and sleeps longer). The following are some things you can do:

In the morning and afternoon, try to open the doors and windows of your house so that sunlight can enter the house.
Increase the activity of the baby in the morning and afternoon, for example, invite babies to play, talk to, provide stimulation, etc.
Wake the baby if the baby falls asleep while nursing in the morning and afternoon
At night, especially before baby sleeps, dim the lights / lighting in your home so that the atmosphere in the house is quite dark
Perform a routine before going to bed for the baby, such as bathing the baby before going to bed at night (this can help the baby to be more relaxed), read stories, breastfeed the baby, then sleep
When breastfeeding a baby at night (you still have to breastfeed your baby at night every 2-3 hours), do not turn on the lights and minimize communication with the baby, meaning do not be invited to play or talk when breastfeeding at night.
If you need to change your diaper at night, keep it in a dim light
You can help your baby sleep better and more comfortably by providing swaddling for babies and providing constant noise (white noise) for your baby

To help the baby sleep better in the future, you should not breastfeed until your baby is really asleep. Feed when the baby is just waking up (so that your baby does not fall asleep when breastfeeding), and when the baby is about to sleep, buckle up until the baby is sleepy, then place it on the crib. Gently pat until the baby is sleeping on its own. If the baby cries try to pat it slowly again, if that does not work, you can pet it again until the baby is sleepy, but still not until the baby falls asleep. Repeat these steps consistently so that the baby is used to being able to fall asleep on his own without the need to be breastfed or cuddled.

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