Baby Sleeps Never Soundly?

Illustration of Baby Sleeps Never Soundly?
Illustration: Baby Sleeps Never Soundly?

hello, my child is 8 months old, and for 8 months he has never slept soundly. at most 10 minutes of waking up 10 minutes of waking up, I am afraid it will affect the development of his brain, besides that my child’s saliva is also thick and sticky, why is that? please enlighten me. thanks.

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Infants and children do need adequate sleep with good sleep quality to facilitate physical growth and maximum brain development. infants aged 4-11 months are recommended to get at least 12-15 hours of sleep a day, which can be divided into several naps and a longer night's sleep. There are many factors that can affect your child's sleep, some of which are:

Uncomfortable sleeping atmosphere for babies (lighting that is too bright, rooms that are too hot or too cold, clothes uncomfortable, rooms that are too noisy, etc.)
The baby feels hungry
Wet or dirty baby diapers
The baby is sick (for example, is teething, coughing or runny nose, diarrhea, etc.)
Babies are not trained to sleep on their own (for example, always sleeps with breastfeeding or sleep while being held and held)

Here are some things you can try to do to help your baby sleep longer, especially at night:

Make sure the sleeping atmosphere is comfortable enough for your baby; darken the room, avoid noise in the room, reduce distraction in the bedroom (for example toys that sound or turn on), set the temperature in the room
Do the bedtime routine (for example, bathe the baby, feed it, brush her teeth, read the story, then go to sleep)
You can use constant noise (white noise) to help your baby sleep better
If in the middle of the night you need to breastfeed or change a baby's diaper, do it in a state of lighting that remains dim, and reduce communication with the baby (do not be invited to play or talk)
Train your baby to sleep alone, do not breastfeed until you fall asleep or rock until you fall asleep. You can breastfeed or pet until the baby is half asleep, then immediately sleep on the crib and pat gently until the baby falls asleep. If the baby cries and asks to be carried again, you may hold him, but still do not hold until the baby sleeps, only hold until the baby is half asleep, then place it on the bed. Repeat continuously until the baby can sleep alone without being held or breastfed.
Do not directly carry your baby when the baby cries because it wakes up at night. Let stand for a few minutes so the baby can try to calm himself, and carry if the crying is getting louder and the baby looks increasingly nervous, but still do not hold until your baby is asleep

Doing the above does require consistency and a strong determination because sometimes you can not bear to let the child cry at night. But after the child can learn to calm himself, the child's sleep will also improve by itself. If your child's sleep is still disturbed, take it to the pediatrician for further evaluation.

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