Baby Stool Has Red Spots?

Illustration of Baby Stool Has Red Spots?
Illustration: Baby Stool Has Red Spots?

Good morning. I ask, my child is 4 months old, I give exclusive breastfeeding without the help of milk powder, my baby weighed 5kg more than last month, his stool is yellow but there are red spots like blood, his spots do not appear every chapter and not every day ,, what causes and treatment huh? thank you

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Hello Eky,

Thank you for asking

Red spots on the feces of infants who still consume exclusive breast milk, if it appears occasionally, often it is not a dangerous condition. This can occur due to irritation around the baby's anus, for example when the anus is too dry, too moist, has passed through hard feces, or also due to the process of cleaning the anus that is too rough. As long as the frequency and consistency of your baby's bowel movements are still reasonable, this condition is generally nothing to worry about.

You only need to do the following steps:

Give your baby exclusive breastfeeding until he is 6 months old, then continue with the addition of food or drinks that are healthy and rich in nutrition
Keep the baby's anus always clean, but don't clean the baby's anus too harshly, use a soft cotton swab and moisten clean water, avoid cleaning the baby's anus using dirty hands let alone long nails
If the baby's anus looks dry, you can apply baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil to make it more moist
Choose baby diapers that are made from soft and high absorbency, change the diaper every time it's wet, or at least 4 hours
Avoid babies from using diapers or pants that are too tight

However, if you find red spots on your baby's stool always repeating, with a growing number, especially for example accompanied by mucus, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, hard stomach, the baby looks in pain, and so on, you should not underestimate this . It is feared, the complaint occurs due to bleeding in the digestive tract, for example due to injury, infection, inflammation, intolerance, malabsorption, poisoning, and so on. Check with your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be followed up to avoid dangerous complications.

Hope this helps.

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