Baby Sweats Easily While Sleeping?

Hello, sleeping babies like to sweat, why is it natural or not?

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Sweat production is actually not directly affected by a person's sleep or wake. Sweat is produced as the body's way of expelling excess heat generated from metabolic waste. The baby's thin skin makes it sweat more. In addition, the baby's sensitivity to changes in environmental weather which is quite high also affects this.

There are various other factors that can also make your baby sweat more, for example:

Environmental conditions that are hot, sultry, stuffy Many move and do activities After eating or drinking Fever (body temperature rises to more than 37.5 degrees Celsius) Having certain diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, cancer, congenital heart disease, etc. Try measuring your baby's body temperature using a thermometer. Did his body temperature rise above 37.5? So, does your child have other complaints, such as skin redness or itching, growth disorders, diarrhea, and so on?

If none of the above signs appear in your baby, the possibility that he is experiencing is still quite normal and harmless. You can work around these complaints in the following ways:

Create a comfortable environment around the baby, not stuffy, hot, or sultry. Give your baby clothes made of soft, cool, and absorb sweat. Bathe your baby regularly 2x a day. Avoid using too much powder to treat sweaty skin. he is 2 years old to increase his immunity. If the steps above do not work to overcome your baby's complaints, check him directly to the doctor so that further treatment can be done..

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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