Baby Vomits After Drinking Breast Milk?

Illustration of Baby Vomits After Drinking Breast Milk?
Illustration: Baby Vomits After Drinking Breast Milk? Bing

I want to ask about my son,rnMy child is not yet 1 month old,rnWell, after breastfeeding, he vomits, even though he burps,rnWhy is that?rnAp is it too full or something else?pdhl After every feeding, I’ll be sure to wait for the burp,rnPlease provide clarificationrnThank you

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Hi, Thanks for the question

We understand your concern. Almost every baby experiences vomiting after being breastfed. Even so, it is very important for parents to recognize the signs and symptoms of a baby vomiting after drinking this milk.

Babies who often vomit after drinking breast milk with normal growth, are not fussy or have no breathing problems, are still classified as normal and do not require special treatment. Generally, babies vomiting after drinking breast milk occurs until the baby is 4 to 5 months old, then it will stop by itself. This is due to the milk or milk swallowed by the baby, back into the esophagus or what is known as reflux, due to muscle disorders between the esophagus and the baby's stomach. Babies are likely to experience reflux because the size of the stomach is so small that it fills up easily. Reflux also occurs because the valve in the esophagus is not yet mature to work optimally.

However, there are also causes for babies to vomit after drinking breast milk due to infections in the stomach, such as gastroenteritis. However, generally this condition is accompanied by diarrhea in infants. In addition, babies vomiting after drinking breast milk can also be caused by food allergies, colds, ear infections, and others.

Some other symptoms to watch out for when a baby vomits after drinking breast milk include fever, refusal to breastfeed, a rash, difficulty sleeping, a prominent crown or swollen abdomen, shortness of breath, blood or green discharge appears when vomiting, or vomiting continuously more than 12 hours or strong vomiting.

Here are some tips that can be done to reduce baby vomiting after drinking breast milk:

Try to keep the baby's head upright while breastfeeding. Then lift the baby upright after feeding so that the baby burps. Let the baby suckle in a calm state. This will prevent the baby from sucking in too much air with the milk. Get used to the baby to breastfeed sparingly, but more often. Breastfeeding too much can make the baby's stomach too full, thus triggering the baby to vomit after drinking breast milk. Make your baby burp after every feeding. Let the baby burp before changing breasts. Make sure the baby's clothes or diapers are not too tight. Also avoid holding the baby to burp with the baby's tummy right on your shoulder. Avoid rocking the baby or making the baby active immediately after feeding. It is also best not to travel in a vehicle shortly after the baby has breastfed. I hope this information is helpful


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