Baby Weight Is Difficult For 3 Months To Rise?

Illustration of Baby Weight Is Difficult For 3 Months To Rise?
Illustration: Baby Weight Is Difficult For 3 Months To Rise?

Hello doctor I want to ask you about the baby’s weight which is difficult to rise. I have a pokanan and he is 3 months old he has strong milk, his body is healthy, his movements are also active doctor, but he is very difficult during the night to find out whether the doctor affected his weight ?? ?

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Sleep patterns can be one of the causes of difficulty in increasing baby's weight, in addition to other major factors, namely nutrient intake. But you also need to know that there is a type of weight gain for children that is relatively slow. In these conditions the body weight is constantly increasing, although a little. This is quite normal as long as the body weight continues to increase and is still within the normal weight line according to age.

The thing to watch out for is if a child's weight stagnates for a period of 2 months in a row. If you experience this it is necessary to be aware that children can experience stunting. Nutrition problems, especially stunting in infants can inhibit children's development, intellectual decline, susceptibility to non-communicable diseases, decreased productivity in the future. Stunting toddlers tend to have difficulty achieving optimal growth and development potential.

Therefore good nutritional intake and careful monitoring of nutritional status is needed during the development period of infants, especially in the first 1000 days. If it has begun to be detected that body weight has not increased, intervention is necessary.

Associated with regulating the sleep patterns of babies can with the following efforts:
1. Breastfeed the baby routinely 2-3 hours until the baby is full.
2. Have a baby's bedtime schedule, including night sleep and nap.
3. Use soft baby clothes when sleeping, use low light, and avoid noise.
4. Babies can be bathed before going to sleep.
5. Encourage the baby to play actively in the morning and evening so he can sleep soundly because of fatigue.

That's all, hope you can help.

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