Baby’s Belly Feels Hard?

Illustration of Baby’s Belly Feels Hard?
Illustration: Baby’s Belly Feels Hard?

Hello, my child is 14 days old. At the moment his stomach is felt rather hard, yellow and smooth bowel movements. Is it bloated? He also often hiccups and vomits suddenly during sleep even though it has been buried. Incidentally my ASI is often full and also heavy. Sometimes he also chokes because the flow of ASI is too fast. Those things make me worry. How do I resolve my problem? thanks.

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Hello Fiqrissa,

Thank you for asking

Increased milk production in the early days of breastfeeding is not uncommon indeed can make a baby overwhelmed, especially when he can not breastfeed in the right way. This condition makes the baby vulnerable to choking and a lot of gas into the digestive tract. Most likely, this is what makes your baby's stomach harden, frequent hiccups, and also vomiting.

If there are no other complications, this condition is actually not dangerous and can be dealt with by independent handling, for example:

Improve how to breastfeed a baby, how to:

Feed your baby regularly, every 1 to 3 hours, no need to wait for him to hunger or cry loudly
Choose the most comfortable breastfeeding position, try not to breastfeed the baby while lying down, but raise his head and chest a little
Also try to always breastfeed your baby directly from the breast
If unable to breastfeed directly, do not use a pacifier, select the right breastfeeding media, such as a spoon, cupfeeder, or pipette
Before breastfeeding, if your milk is too full and flowing profusely, milk your milk a little so the baby is not overwhelmed
Improve your baby's attachment while breastfeeding, make sure all your nipples and areola are still in the oral cavity, make sure the baby is able to swallow and suck the milk properly
After breastfeeding, burp the baby for at least 5 to 15 minutes

In addition to breast milk, do not give baby drinks or additional food, including formula milk, without direct advice from a doctor
Do a massage of I love U on the baby's stomach, while moving his legs while lying down like he was pedaling a bicycle, so that excess gas in the digestive tract is reduced and the bowel was smoother
Do not carelessly give babies drugs without a doctor's prescription

With the painstaking steps above, often your baby's complaints can improve within a few days without the need for special handling.

However, if you find your baby vomiting very often (more than 10 times a day), have bowel movements or bowel movements (such as diarrhea, difficult bowel movements, or difficult bowel movements), colic, distended stomach, or a variety of other complaints that are more severe, do not hesitate to check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician, yes. Concerned, the complaints indicate another health disorder, such as digestive infections, intolerance or malabsorption, intestinal inflammation, volvulus, intussusception, and so on. These conditions can only be improved by direct treatment from a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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