Baby’s Bones Sound When Moving?

Illustration of Baby’s Bones Sound When Moving?
Illustration: Baby’s Bones Sound When Moving?

, my child is 3.5 months old, his bones are sounding if he is made to move, he has been checked by a spsialist doctor, his answer is poor and the baby is active, how is that? Is it normal?

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The appearance of sounds like bone friction when the baby is moving is very normal found in babies. This sound arises because of the friction of the tendon with the bone. The sound that sounds similar to the sound when you bulge your finger joints. This sound can be heard in the spine, shoulders, knees, and ankles. If you hear that sound in the baby's pelvic area (in the joint between the pelvic bone and the femur) accompanied by impaired leg movements (for example, one leg looks weaker and less immobile than the other leg), you should immediately take your baby to the pediatrician. If no movement disorders are found in your baby's limbs, chances are that your baby is perfectly normal. Be sure to see a pediatrician so that you can have a direct examination of your child's joints.

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