Baby’s Ear Wax Smells?

Illustration of Baby’s Ear Wax Smells?
Illustration: Baby’s Ear Wax Smells?

I want to ask, in babies who are only less than 1 month old or about 3 weeks there is a case in the ear that is green, slightly runny, and the smell is pretty smelly. Is this reasonable, or is there another indication … Thank you.

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Hello good afternoon Ms. Tisa. Thank you for asking

Earwax is definitely something that is produced in both children and adults. Biasnya ear wax will be brownish yellow that looks soft to dry. When you get runny and smelly earwax you should pay attention to other possibilities that occur namely

Infection of the external ear will usually be accompanied by symptoms in the form of a child becoming more fussy because of pain, the baby is difficult to sleep, the frequency of breast milk will decrease, and accompanied by fever
Infection in the middle ear usually will appear quite a lot of fluid, accompanied by pain and a higher fever.

Regarding this matter, if there is a tendency towards infection, you should consult your child to a pediatrician or ENT specialist so that further examination and appropriate treatment can be considered. Some things that can be done are

Do a warm compress so that it reduces the pain
Position your child on a higher head like putting a pillow in the head position
Reduce use of pacifiers
Keep breastfeeding as often as possible
Keep your child from exposure to pollution, smoke, cigarette smoke

more information in the following article

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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