Baby’s Hand Peels When On His Stomach?

Illustration of Baby’s Hand Peels When On His Stomach?
Illustration: Baby’s Hand Peels When On His Stomach?

Greetings doctor, I am nurningsih. My baby is 6 months old. He can lie on his stomach and supine himself. When on his stomach he often raises his head and body, so that the palms of his hands as peeling off. Are there any abnormalities? How to treat and treat it? Thanks before?

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Hi Agus,

Thank you for asking

The process of skin cell regeneration, coupled with excessive skin friction, for example in babies who are learning to lie on their stomach, can indeed cause the skin to look flaky. This condition is very reasonable and need not worry. Naturally, the peeling skin cells will be replaced with new, healthier skin cells so that the condition of your baby's skin will improve by itself.

Even so, in some rare conditions, it may also cause baby's skin peeling to occur due to an abnormality, for example due to xerosis (dry skin), atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, skin infections (often due to fungi or bacteria), seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and so. Unlike the normal conditions, if your baby's complaints arise due to this disorder, of course he needs to get proper treatment from a doctor.

Our advice, first try to resolve your baby's complaints with the following steps:

Wash your baby cleanly and regularly After bathing, apply a special baby moisturizer on his skin, especially those who are often exposed to excessive friction. Wear on babies comfortable clothes, if necessary covered in the arm area, but not tight. Let the baby play on a comfortable and clean base, not too soft but also not too hard Don't force your baby's skin to peel off If the steps above your baby's complaint doesn't improve, you can check it directly to your doctor or pediatrician to handle it properly.

Hope this helps ...

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