Baby’s Heart Rate Is Unstable?

Illustration of Baby’s Heart Rate Is Unstable?
Illustration: Baby’s Heart Rate Is Unstable?

good morning, I have a sister now 26 days old, at the beginning of birth until 7 days, the baby is in a healthy condition like a baby normally, but after 7 days my sister’s ears were pierced. after that my sister did not want to drink breast milk because of shortness of breath, then taken to the hospital. The first 2 weeks in the hospital my brother still had no progress, his breathing and heart rate were unstable, then after that his breathing was pretty stable until he replaced oxygen from the big one to the small one, but his heart rate was still not stable. then yesterday the last condition he often sweat out on his forehead, if the word sister is not hot sweat, but cold sweat, and breathing is now tight again so use more oxygen, with a heartbeat that is still unstable.

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In the medical realm, piercing a baby girl is not a necessity. However, these actions are also not prohibited, for example due to cultural reasons, provided they are carried out with safe and sterile procedures. If baby's ear piercing is done in a safe and sterile way, of course this action rarely leaves dangerous complications. As for some of the risks that often arise due to baby's ear piercing is usually limited to pain, bleeding, or secondary infection at the site of the piercing. This condition is unlikely to cause the baby to become unwilling to suckle, shortness of breath, unstable breathing and heartbeat, and frequent cold sweats as your sister experienced.

If you look at the complaints that arise, it is possible that your younger sibling has a problem with his airway or heart. As is known, to be able to function properly, our bodies need a supply of oxygen and nutrients. Deficiencies of these two components, such as breathing problems or heart problems, can make the heartbeat become abnormal, breathing becomes short and fast, and the baby feels weak, it is difficult to breastfeed, less active, and may even decrease consciousness.

There are many types of disorders of the airways and heart that can be the background of your sister's complaints, for example congenital heart disease, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchhiolitis, heart valve infections, heart rhythm disorders, asthma, and so on. It could also be that your sister's complaint is aggravated by other conditions, such as dehydration, impaired electrolyte balance, viral or bacterial infections in other organ systems, and so on.

Without examining it directly, it is certainly not our authority to identify the exact cause of the complaint, let alone the best treatment for dealing with it. Therefore, you should consult your sister's condition again to the doctor or pediatrician to be further evaluated and handled properly according to the cause. Of course, with the experience and competence they have, doctors can try their best to cure your baby. Like what treatment will be given later doctors can vary, for example by giving drugs, infusions, evaporation, installation of special devices in the heart, and so on.

At this time, you should not panic first. Ask your mother also to calm down, and try to give her baby a lot of milk so that her endurance remains excellent. If the baby does not want to breastfeed immediately, it is likely that this condition occurs because he is weak and tight. Therefore, your mother should express her milk so that it can be given to her baby through special media, for example through a feeding tube by the medical staff treating her. Do not carelessly give your sister medicine without doctor's advice, and follow treatment recommendations as the doctor recommends.

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