Baby’s Stool Is Green And Runny.?

Illustration of Baby’s Stool Is Green And Runny.?
Illustration: Baby’s Stool Is Green And Runny.?

Hello … my baby’s stool is green and runny … is it reasonable ?? Or because of changes in milk ?? Or is there a problem with the digestion ??

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The following are some of the factors that cause a baby's BAB green, namely:

Nursing mothers who consume lots of green vegetables or foods and drinks that contain green food coloring, and several types of drugs such as antibiotics and supplementzinc. Infants' stomachs get a virus, especially when they have diarrhea. Babies who consume formula milk. Babies who consume too much foremilk (breast milk that has a low calorie content and high lactose), usually caused by the process of breastfeeding in each breast is not long. Babies are sensitive and allergic to food and drugs that mothers consume. Older babies can also experience it when they are introduced to new foods. Babies consume foods such as bean porridge, peas, and spinach. Dental growth in infants can result in excessive production of saliva. Causing the discharge of green mucus in baby feces. If this green and runny finish lasts a long time, I recommend that you check your baby directly to a pediatrician, so that a thorough examination can be done, such as questions and answers, examination of nutritional status, examination of vital signs, physical examination of the stomach and anus, and examination support such as stool examination, so that treatment can be given in accordance with your child's diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

Allow the baby to suckle on one side of the breast for longer to get higher milk fat. Or, you can start the breastfeeding process with the side of the breast that the baby has last sucked. Make sure your baby gets enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Make sure your child gets enough zinc minerals. Ensure the cleanliness of food, drinks, and eating utensils. Make sure your child gets enough nutrition. Thus the information I can give, hopefully can help you.

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