Baby’s Stools Are Green And Slimy?

Illustration of Baby’s Stools Are Green And Slimy?
Illustration: Baby’s Stools Are Green And Slimy? Bing

, my child is 4 months old, exclusively breastfed, often chapters 5-6 times a day, once even 7 times. Whereas previously my child had a bowel movement every 2 days. Is it normal for 4 months of age? even though it is usually yellow, is that also normal?

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The defecation of babies who are exclusively breastfed can change in terms of color, consistency, or frequency. Greenish stools in infants who are exclusively breastfed may be normal, but they may not. The following are some of the causes of bowel movements can turn green:

Baby gets too much foremilk (milk that comes out at the start of a feed) and not enough hindmilk (milk that comes out at the end of a feed)
The influence of something the mother consumes, for example, the mother eats a lot of green vegetables or foods with green coloring, the mother takes certain supplements or antibiotics
Babies get supplements that contain iron
New baby getting vaccinated
Babies experience sensitivity to something the mother eats or drinks, such as cow's milk
The baby is sick, for example, coughing a cold or diarrhea, or the baby is teething

If this condition is only temporary or disappears on its own, then there is probably nothing to worry about. If there are other symptoms in the baby, for example, the baby has a fever, the bowel movements are more frequent and more watery than usual, there is a cold cough, the baby becomes more fussy and difficult to calm down, or this greenish bowel movement continues, then it's a good idea to take your baby to the hospital. pediatrician. If possible, bring a photo of the stool or a diaper containing the baby's stool so your pediatrician can see it. If something abnormal is suspected, the therapy given will be adjusted according to the possible cause.

Meanwhile, you can try to breastfeed the baby from one breast first until the breast is empty, then switch to the other breast so that the baby gets enough hindmilk. You can also pay attention to the food, drink, supplement, or drug you take, if your baby's bowel movements change after you eat or drink something different from what you normally consume, it means that maybe the baby has a sensitivity to something you consume. You can try to eliminate these foods or drinks from your diet and watch your baby's bowel movements again.

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