Baby’s Weight Is 2 Weeks Old?

Illustration of Baby’s Weight Is 2 Weeks Old?
Illustration: Baby’s Weight Is 2 Weeks Old?

why does my baby still look thin and small at the age of 2 weeks over 4 days? What’s the solution?

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Hello, good afternoon, Mrs. Fatimahdani ...

Before explaining further, there is some additional information we need; Is your baby born premature? Are there any complications during pregnancy (for example infections)? What is the intake of nutrients your baby receives, do you have problems breastfeeding? Does the baby experience signs of dehydration, such as dark yellow or orange urine, little or no urine, the baby's mouth and eyes appear dry, and so on?

The growth of the baby must be assessed objectively by measuring the weight, height / length, and head circumference, then the figures must be plotted into a growth curve, so it can then be concluded whether the growth of a baby is normal or not. A baby's growth cannot be judged subjectively, such as "looking small", "looking thin", etc. Ma'am. A baby who looks thin / small may not necessarily be underweight, and vice versa.

Mother needs to know that in the first few days after birth, a baby can experience weight loss, and this is normal, as long as this weight loss does not exceed 10% of birth weight. Two weeks after birth, the baby's weight will start to increase again as he had at birth. But if you lose weight drastically, then you need to find out the underlying cause through direct examination by a doctor. Some of the causes of babies experiencing underweight include: inadequate nutritional intake (for example due to poor consumption of breast milk), infants experiencing infections, problems with the digestive organs, and so on.

We recommend that you first check your baby's growth at the posyandu, midwife, or doctor (especially pediatricians), to ensure normal weight or other growth indicators for your baby. If the baby's weight is below the normal range, the examining doctor will carry out further tests to determine the cause. If deemed necessary, the doctor may suggest additional tests, such as blood tests to ensure the presence / absence of infection or other disorders. Meanwhile, keep breastfeeding your baby according to the needs of the baby, i.e. every baby you feel hungry (generally breastfeeding every 1.5 -3 hours once or at least 8-12 times per day).

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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