Baby’s Weight Is Difficult To Gain And Defecate Liquid?

Illustration of Baby’s Weight Is Difficult To Gain And Defecate Liquid?
Illustration: Baby’s Weight Is Difficult To Gain And Defecate Liquid?

My child is 5m asix, the body weight doesn’t keep going up to 6.8kg, but it’s still more than 6-8x / 24h but the frequency is reduced, leaving the chapters 2-3hrs times the texture that used to be liquid with yellow leaves, now sticky, dark brown, like porridge dodol gt (sorry) r nIs it still safe to continue breastfeeding or is it that there is a lack of breastfeeding? r nTrims

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Previously, more complete information was needed regarding your child's condition. Birth weight, previous weight, height of children and sex are important to know. Normally the baby's weight will reach 2x the birth weight at the age of 6 months and at least 3x the birth weight at the age of 1 year.

The growth and development of babies should be assessed based on growth curves according to WHO / world health standards and agreed upon by the ministry of health. By assessing the curve, it can be seen the progress of the child's growth and development as well as the nutritional status of the children according to their age stages.

The following are various causes of difficult baby weight gain, including:

Lack of adequate breast milk intake Inaccurate procedures for breastfeeding The intake of intake is not proportional to the energy expended There are diseases / disorders suffered The quality of breast milk is not good in terms of quantity and nutritional content because of the influence of the mother. anxiety, fear or anxiety that the mother feels can affect the hormones that trigger breast milk so that breast milk production is disturbed. In addition, the content of breast milk is also influenced by the intake of food that the mother consumes. Therefore, it is mandatory for mothers to consume foods that are highly nutritious and meet their daily fluid needs.

It is widely known that the best nutritional intake for babies up to 6 months is breast milk. Breast milk contains complete nutrition according to the baby's age stage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to continue breastfeeding as often as possible / as much as the baby wants to meet his nutritional needs. Signs of a baby who is getting enough breast milk include:

Babies are not fussy and can sleep soundly. Weight gain each month The frequency of urination is 8-10 times a day with clear yellow urine. Defecate every day / varies per baby with soft consistency The baby looks healthy and active. Related to the frequency of urination still tends to be normal. Meanwhile, the frequency and consistency of defecation have different variations from one baby to another. Normally, babies who are still exclusively breastfed tend to release liquid, yellow, sour smell and sometimes foam. Stool that will solidify like paste can occur due to the high absorption of water in the large intestine, causing the consistency of the stool to become softer.

Complementary foods ASI / complementary foods are foods that are given to babies at the age of 6 months. So that giving at the age of 5 months is allowed if the fulfillment of nutrition from breast milk is deemed insufficient and the baby in a phase that requires quite a lot of calories as a source of energy. Of course, the provision of complementary foods must be evaluated first by a doctor / health worker, because babies who are allowed to get complementary foods before the age of 6 months have certain conditions and criteria. Continue to evaluate and do not hesitate to consult and check directly with the doctor regarding your baby's condition. That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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