Back Headache Accompanied By A Painful Lump In The Back Of The Neck?

Illustration of Back Headache Accompanied By A Painful Lump In The Back Of The Neck?
Illustration: Back Headache Accompanied By A Painful Lump In The Back Of The Neck?

Tonight, it’s been 3 days I felt my head hurt the back feels very heavy, then I just realized there was a small lump in the neck pain so painful so sometimes my body feels hot and cold. Is that dangerous? I have not dared to check with the doctor because I took the normal medicine that I took it normally subsided, but the next day it relapsed again r n r nThank you

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Hello Rizka Thank you for asking

Headaches are a common complaint, basically most headaches are not a sign of danger. And usually the symptoms can be overcome easily. Headaches can occur within minutes, hours or even appear for days. Headaches based on the cause can be divided into two, namely: primary headaches, and secondary headaches. Included in primary headaches include: tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches.

And here are some reasons for headaches in the back:

Tension headaches, can be triggered by weakness, stress, hunger. Tension headaches are a type of headache that is often found, headaches can be severe or like being tied to both sides of the head. This type of head sekit can also take place in a matter of hours to days with even days can last for 1 week. Headaches during physical activity, headaches are triggered by physical activities or activities such as running, coughing or straining. And headaches can be felt in the head with a duration of about 20 minutes. Basilar migraine, is one type of migraine which is a primary headache that attacks the basilar artery located in the back of the head so that headaches are often felt in the back of the head. Migraines often begin with an aura, such as blurred vision, temporary blindness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and speech and hearing disorders. However, if the complaint occurs to you, you should immediately see the nearest doctor, to find out the exact cause. Because the symptoms of migraine can also be a symptom of stroke. Here are more articles that you can read about: Factors Triggering Back Headaches

Although back headaches are mostly non-serious cases, if you feel a headache that is annoying or headaches that you don't normally feel it's good if you see it to the doctor.

In addition, because backaches are often caused by tension headaches, it is important for you to manage stress well or avoid stress, do relaxation activities such as yoga, do not delay your mealtime, or avoid late eating, resting and getting enough sleep.

Regarding palpable neck lumps that can cause pain or no pain at all when touched. Most causes of lumps in the neck are also not a dangerous condition, although it is also necessary to watch out for because some lumps in the neck can indicate a serious health problem,

Some factors that can cause a lump in the neck are:

Swollen lymph nodes, which is the most common cause of lumps in the neck that usually arise due to throat infections, tuberculosis lipoma infection, lumps in the form of a collection of fat which is a type of benign and harmless tumor. Swelling of the thyroid gland Next article is further about: Causes of lumps in the neck

To determine whether a lump in your neck is a dangerous disease or not, of course it needs to be confirmed by direct examination and additional examinations such as ultrasound assistants, blood tests and so on. Therefore, if you have complaints of a lump in the neck, whether painful or not painful when touched, you should consult your condition with a surgeon. So the doctor can examine you and then determine the diagnosis or disease. So if it is known earlier, it will be better, because it will get faster and more appropriate treatment.

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