Back Headache With A History Of Injury?

Illustration of Back Headache With A History Of Injury?
Illustration: Back Headache With A History Of Injury?

Morning doctor, I am sheva, 36 years old, please answer my questions about my illness.

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We understand your complaints and concerns. Headache is a complaint that is often experienced by many people. Headaches can be caused by the following causes:

Migraine: throbbing headache. Can be affected by stress, fatigue, diet, and hormones in women

Tension type headache: normal headache, as if it is tied but the intensity is not too severe

Cluster type headache: headache is quite severe, can be accompanied by red eyes.
Anemia: decreased blood hemoglobin levels can cause headaches. Women are prone to anemia, especially those who are still menstruating each month.

Right back pain that is felt to penetrate the back is often caused by disorders of the liver, digestive system, urinary tract, disorders of the kidneys and female reproductive organs. To find out, more complete information is needed along with a direct physical examination to determine which direction the disturbance is causing your complaint to feel. Important information such as when you feel your right abdominal pain, to what extent your pain is spread, pain intensity / degree, dull or sharp pain, is there a change in pattern and color of bowel movements, yellow on the skin surface, disturbances in urination, etc. should be known to narrow the type. the disease you are experiencing. Then urine that is darker color is often caused by dehydration or lack of body fluids.

You don't have to worry. To reduce the complaints you feel, you can take the following steps at home, including:

Avoid fatigue and stress
Avoid foods or other causes that can trigger your headache
Eat a nutritious and balanced diet
Get enough rest
Take vitamin and iron supplements
Avoid spicy, sour, coconut milk, high fat and salt foods. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit
Enough water needs to avoid dehydration, at least 2 liters a day
Regular exercise

If the complaint does not improve in the future, or you feel it is getting worse, do not hesitate to go to the doctor closest to you directly. That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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