Back Knee Pain In A 9 Year Old Child?

Illustration of Back Knee Pain In A 9 Year Old Child?
Illustration: Back Knee Pain In A 9 Year Old Child?

At night, I think my child has back knee pain at the age of 9, what is the solution

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Hi Aan,

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Back knee pain in children can occur due to injury or other causes. Need to clarify first, how long has he experienced knee pain? Is it accompanied by swelling, sores, lumps, weakness, or other complaints? Which knee is painful? Right, left, or both? Is there a history of certain diseases that your child has?

If your child has previously injured the knee area, then the pain in the back knee that he is currently experiencing may be related to the injury, for example due to tendon injury (hamstring tendonitis, gastrocnemius tendonitis), meniscus injury, or the formation of a Baker's cyst (usually occurs). associated with bursa and ligament injuries that give rise to the lump behind the knee).

However, if the lump appears suddenly without a history of previous injury, it is necessary to be aware of other possible triggers of pain, such as skin infections (such as folliculitis, Herpes zoster), viral or bacterial infections (for example chikungunya, dengue fever, leptospirosis), rheumatoid arthritis, pinched nerves, and so on.

Without directly examining your child, it is difficult for us to properly identify the cause of the complaint. Therefore, you should get your child checked directly to the doctor. If there is a suspicion that there is an abnormality around the knee associated with an injury, the doctor may suggest that your child undergo X-rays, ultrasound, and so on.

At this time, you can first compress the sore back knee area of ​​your child using warm water or ice cubes (whichever is most comfortable). Avoid massaging or massaging the sore knee too often to minimize the risk of injury which can make the complaint worse. First, rest the knee that hurts from activities that are too tiring. If necessary, you can give your child paracetamol medicine first so that the pain gets better.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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