Back Pain

Illustration of Back Pain
Illustration: Back Pain

My doctor is nurul … 33 years old … it’s been 3 months almost every day I feel pain in my back … During the birth of the second child through sc surgery. I have also been treated for dyspepsia and ulcers … do I have to see a doctor?

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Hello Nurul, thank you for asking at

Back pain can be caused by several possible conditions such as:

Tension in the muscles
Poor posture
Pinched nerve
Kidney stones
Postoperative pain that travels
Spinal cord injury

Because your complaint has been felt for a long time and has not improved, it is highly recommended to be examined further by a doctor directly for further evaluation. However, due to government recommendations to stay at home and your complaints are not included in an emergency, then as an alternative you can use the chat feature with a doctor on the application to consult directly with a doctor without the need to leave the house.

Meanwhile you are also allowed to take pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen according to the dosage on the package to help reduce your complaints until there is further advice from the doctor who examined you. Apart from that, it is also recommended to:

Paying attention to what things if triggering or aggravating complaints, if any, avoid as much as possible
Avoid lifting heavy objects especially with poor technique
Maintain a minimum of 2 liters of fluid intake per day
Maintaining food intake so that it is always sufficient and balanced nutrition and not late every day
Avoid stress
Doing sports that do not put a heavy burden on the backman for at least 30 minutes every day
Get enough rest every day
Avoid the habit of holding BAK

If the complaint is felt to be more severe and has not improved with drugs and make recommendations above for at least 3-4 days, you are encouraged to do a direct examination with a doctor for further evaluation and determination of therapy.

I hope this helps.

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