Back Pain Accompanied By A Lump In The Bone During 30 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Back Pain Accompanied By A Lump In The Bone During 30 Weeks Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Back Pain Accompanied By A Lump In The Bone During 30 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

I want to ask. I am pregnant at the age of my womb now 30week to 31week. Your back aches and the doctor is normal. But when I felt, I found a lump on the right and left of the bone that didn’t hurt at all. What is that? Please answer, thank you

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A pregnancy history that will already be past 31 weeks shows some physiological changes that you are experiencing, such as:

 Increasing your abdominal circumference Increased fat under the skin Increasing body weight Increasingly Growing your body begins to shift, where your body will lean forward Muadah tired All these changes are a natural thing that follows the period of pregnancy, and the more gestational age, then some complaints that arise will follow the development of your fetus. So some of the changes above will increase complaints of low back pain, where body weight and leaning on your body load in the future will trigger your spine to work harder to support your body to balance. The longer you move and stand, then this complaint will increase, because your spine will keep trying to balance so that your body stays upright. Therefore, strengthening your spinal muscles, stretching and breathing exercises during pregnancy will help reduce the tension of your spinal muscles. This you can do by doing pregnancy exercises, doing light exercise on your spine area so that your muscles are more comfortable, giving warm compresses to your spine area and meeting your water needs. However, all of this still requires assistance from your pregnant gymnastic trainer, either guidance from a midwife or therapy / pregnancy training to do at home. By practicing regularly, it is hoped that these complaints will get better and not bother you too much.

While the bumps that you feel on the right and left are probably joints of dead bones / joints that connect your spine to your pelvis. Every individual will have this emphasis, whether very strict or not. Thus, this is normal, especially if it is not painful when pressed.

To help reduce complaints of pain or back pain, then some things you can try at home, such as:

 Avoid standing, walking or doing activities for too long Use a chair that can support your body properly When relaxing or sitting, or lying down, then use warm compresses with warm water in plastic Enough water Avoid sleep late at night Avoid anxiety If you are a career woman, then take a few days off to restore your stamina and muscles. However, if within 2 days, this complaint has not improved, you can consult directly with your obstetrician. The doctor will evaluate and examine directly related to this complaint. If the complaint is indeed very disturbing, the doctor can prescribe painkillers to help with early recovery. At the same time as taking medication, recovery and stretching or light exercise should still be sought. Thus, this complaint will soon improve. After delivery, the back pain will recover and not bother you.

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