Back Pain Accompanied By Nausea If Sitting Too Long?

Illustration of Back Pain Accompanied By Nausea If Sitting Too Long?
Illustration: Back Pain Accompanied By Nausea If Sitting Too Long? Bing

I am 23 years old villa. I often experience back pain up to the waist when I sit without a backrest. But lately my back pain has reached my stomach and when I exhale it feels like a pressure on my chest, and also when I go for long trips by car, I can’t stand to sit for too long so I vomit heavily and make my stomach hurt. and shortness of breath. Whereas in the past I never vomited or had back pain if I sat for too long in the car/bus.rnDo you think that’s a symptom because what is it and what is the solution, so that my back pain is reduced??

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Hello Vila

Sitting for a long time, especially if the sitting position is not comfortable, can cause bad posture. so that it eventually causes the muscles of the neck and around the spine to stiffen which eventually causes pain in the waist and spine

Then there are also various medical conditions that can be considered for these complaints, such as the condition of the spine that tends to bend unnaturally or known as scoliosis, lordosis, or kyphosis. If the curvature is still mild enough then the symptoms will be very mild so that often the person does not feel any complaints, but as the degree of curvature increases, various problems such as pain in the spine will arise.

In addition, other considerations are a history of often lifting heavy objects, often working in an unnatural position (awkward position), having experienced trauma to the neck and spine, having the possibility of a pinched nerve. There are also conditions where spinal disc erosions occur, radiculopathy (spinal nerve compression due to compression of the spinal disc), spinal stenosis (compression of the spinal cord nerves), and spondylolisthesis (a shift in the vertebral column).

The right solution, of course, is the one that matches the root cause of the complaint, so Vila needs to see a neurologist or orthopedist for further assessment of the situation experienced by Vila at this time. This needs to be done because the handling of each of the above conditions is different even though the complaints are similar. In addition to conducting questions and answers regarding your complaints and medical history as well as basic health checks, the doctor may suggest carrying out several supporting examinations such as spinal X-rays, CT-scans, or MRIs, if necessary due to lack of information to determine the root cause of the problem. you experience.

As a suggestion, Villa is advised to use a neck pillow when traveling by car, especially if the duration is long enough, then relax every few moments to avoid cramps/stiffness in the muscles. Then pay attention to the way you walk-stand-sitting whether it is symmetrical (the same between the right and left sides) or not, if it looks tilted to one side then try to change it so that it is symmetrical. Also avoid the habit of lifting heavy objects. And when sleeping, try to sleep on your back on a not too soft base (it is recommended to use a thin mattress or mattress) and provide pillows for the head and foot area.

Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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