Back Pain And Heat Radiating To The Arms And Knees?

Illustration of Back Pain And Heat Radiating To The Arms And Knees?
Illustration: Back Pain And Heat Radiating To The Arms And Knees?

Hello doctor, I want to ask. My mother has been sick for a long time around her back, upper arms and knees. My mother is also having trouble sleeping. They say his back hurts and feels hot. If you sleep on your left or right side, your arm hurts. I have taken it to the doctor at the hospital. He said it was normal because of his age. My mother was given medicine. But the pain disappeared briefly and reappeared. I was confused and sorry to see my mother’s condition. Do I have to do a doctor? Thanks.

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Pain and discomfort and almost happens to the whole body, it is not a comfortable situation, so do not be surprised if your mother complains about all that she experienced and we really understand your concern about your mother's condition. Ignorance of information about your mother's condition, it will indeed make you confused in responding to complaints that your mother feels.

Collection of symptoms of pain in almost the entire body and most of them occur in the upper and lower limbs in medical terms is known as a collection of symptoms of fibromyalgia or also called fibromyalgia syndrome. Where this is a chronic disease that makes sufferers experience pain throughout his body, and can be experienced by anyone but most are experienced by patients aged between 30-50 years, and will increase the likelihood of emergence in patients with old age. In addition, women have a greater risk factor for fibromyalgia than men.

In addition to the symptoms as you mentioned before, other symptoms that can appear are the body which is very sensitive to pain, stiff muscles, difficult to sleep and always feel tired, headaches, difficulty concentrating and remembering something, anxiety appears, the presence of abdominal cramps , complaints of a collection of symptoms of intestinal irritation, depression, etc. The severity of symptoms varies with each patient. Differences can be influenced by the level of stress experienced by sufferers and the number of activities carried out daily, weather changes also play a role in differences in complaints between patients with one another.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that cannot be completely or completely healed, but this can be minimized by appearing pharmacology / taking drugs recommended by doctors. Older age is a risk factor that can not be avoided so this will certainly cause fibromyalgia can not be completely cured. In general, treatment using drugs is with pain relievers or analgesics, antidepressants and also muscle relaxant / relaxation drugs that can be combined with sedatives or sleeping pills. While handling non-pharmacological / without drugs is physical exercise such as light exercise or physical exercise that is assisted by experts, which can be done by physiotherapists and psychological therapy by psychologists to improve their cognitive so that patients are able to handle the stress that is triggered or trigger the emergence of the fibromyalgia.

If you still do not understand what should be done and are still confused about the information we convey, you can consult the doctor who examined your mother beforehand or you can consult to seek second opinion from other doctors who can check your mother's condition directly . Without a physical examination and meeting directly with our sufferers as doctors it is still difficult to establish the diagnosis so that treatment recommendations cannot be specific to the existing conditions.

Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can help you.


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