Back Pain At 3 Months Pregnancy?

Illustration of Back Pain At 3 Months Pregnancy?
Illustration: Back Pain At 3 Months Pregnancy?

Hello, good night, I want to ask, I am now 3 months pregnant, is it normal to feel back pain

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Back pain and low back pain are common in pregnancy. This is generally related to changes in the structure of muscles and ligaments, where the ligaments become relatively softer and stretched to prepare themselves to develop the size of the fetus and childbirth, which stretches cause an increase in the joint burden of the spine so that it feels painful and achy

Some tips that can help:

Bathing uses warm water
Avoid bending the body
Avoid lifting heavy loads
Maintain good posture
Sleep and rest enough
Apply a warm compress to the back
Do muscle stretching exercises

If the pain is so severe or you are worried you should check with your obstetrician to get further examination and treatment related to your condition

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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