Back Pain, Fever, Accompanied By Toothache?

Illustration of Back Pain, Fever, Accompanied By Toothache?
Illustration: Back Pain, Fever, Accompanied By Toothache?

Hello good night. R nDo I want to ask, my mother (43 years old) had symptoms of lumbago and it has been almost a month, then we have a fuss and the results are okay, her waist has healed, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. But now there are others, some time ago about 2 weeks of fever, then I brought him an injection, given the medicine thank God it’s been good. R nAnd recently, his teeth follow, it hurts, but they don’t appear. R nNow the body I don’t feel good, the head is sometimes like a tug of the left, if the morning is weak and cold, brought to sleep, breakfast, then wakes up immediately, the day will recur again, sometimes it also looks pale. I have checked the KGD and cholesterol, but the results are within normal limits. R nWhat happened to my mother? Thank you for your attention…

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Symptoms of lumbago, fever, toothache, etc. that your mother has experienced, are most likely not a related condition. First because the complaints come from different systems, second because the distance is quite far, and third because there was a healthy period. Associated diseases usually show up with almost the same time, and there is no healthy period.

So the main complaint is that which is felt now with feeling unwell, head pain on the left side and also pale. This condition has several possibilities, such as:

Low blood pressure Low red blood cell levels or anemia Migraine or headaches next to cluster headaches Viral infections Psychological disorders such as stress or anxiety

The steps taken by your family are correct in taking him to the hospital, and even though KGD and cholesterol have been checked and the results are normal, there are still other factors to consider as we mentioned above. Therefore, you should bring your mother back to a general practitioner for a thorough examination, and possibly other investigations such as routine blood tests and urine tests to further narrow the possibility. Handling that your mother will receive later depends on the results of this examination, including if she turns out to need to be referred.

Meanwhile, ask your mother to avoid stress, don't be too tired and ask if there is a burden on her mind, ask her to get enough rest, drink plenty of warm water, avoid cigarette smoke and keep eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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