Back Pain Like Being Stabbed?

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at night, I want to ask my mother who is 58 years old often has left back pain to her waist. the pain is like being stabbed.. besides that my mother also has a dry cough that has been going on for 5 months, maybe it stopped but then it came back again.. when I coughed my neck felt itchy and even vomited.. do you think my mother is why?

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Hi May,

Back pain like being stabbed to the left until it radiates to the waist that your mother complained about covers a wide range of complaints. Why is it like that? Because in the back there are several organs, ligaments, bones and muscles. I suggest your mother if you have experienced these complaints for a long time, you should consult an orthopedic specialist so that a follow-up examination can be carried out until proper treatment. The complaint should not be allowed to drag on.

By looking at the age of your mother who is currently entering the pre-menopause period in women, usually the female hormone estrogen begins to decrease so that the loss of components in a bone occurs rapidly causing what we often hear with the term osteoporosis. In addition there are also several things that can cause these complaints such as: kidney stones, kidney infection, HNP (hernia nucleus pulposus), Pott's disease (bone TB).

While the coughs that have been experienced by your mother for months can occur due to several things such as pulmonary TB, bronchitis, COPD. So it is better if your mother is motivated to immediately go to a pulmonary specialist so that examinations such as x-rays can be carried out and if it is deemed necessary, a sputum examination will be carried out 3 times, so that appropriate therapy can be given. Complaints like this should not be ignored because they can cause serious complications and can even transmit to people around them.

In addition to immediately consulting the relevant doctor, I advise your mother to do several things at home:

- meet the nutritional needs of both for the immune system

- do not do strenuous activities

- regularly exposed to the morning sun

- meet the needs of mineral water

- Increase consumption of vegetables, fruit and bone-strengthening milk

- wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth

- Routinely clean the living environment

- should not often be in a humid room

- When coughing, cover your mouth with a clean hand/towel

- avoid smoking

- enough rest

That's my explanation. Hopefully useful yes and your mother recovers soon. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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