Back Pain, Neck, Chest, Difficulty Breathing After Giving Birth?

Illustration of Back Pain, Neck, Chest, Difficulty Breathing After Giving Birth?
Illustration: Back Pain, Neck, Chest, Difficulty Breathing After Giving Birth?

, my mother just gave birth this month … After the Eid Hajj my mother fell ill … Initially the pain from the back of the neck spread back to the front right chest … It made my mother had difficulty breathing … I mean it hurts when taking a deep breath … Coughing and sneezing it hurts … We thought it was wrong, we ordered my mother to get even sicker … We bought ointment in rubbing and finally subsided … After a few weeks, I didn’t get it every night never slept … Noticing how to breathe my mother, I also held my sister’s affairs during my mother’s illness … My mother’s breath while sleeping looked short, also heard a groan from her mouth, I woke up the mother, but she didn’t realize that sleeping was whining whimpering … My mother’s body is also getting thinner, also likes to arise fear … Was was worried until the mother cried … Mood swing too … Said the baby blues … But is it true With the symptoms that my mother experienced? Thank you very much for the opportunity

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Good morning, thanks for asking at We understand your feelings. By definition baby blues are postpartum sad feelings. This is triggered by hormonal changes and is characterized by mothers who easily feel sad, anxious, hopeless, easy to cry, difficult to concentrate, anxious, and experience sleep disturbances within a period of up to 2-3 weeks postpartum. Apart from hormonal changes, this can also occur because of a feeling of new responsibility that arises to care for the baby, and because of changes in body shape. Therefore, baby blues are usually experienced by women who are giving birth for the first time.

What happened to your mother, we suspect is not baby blues, because her condition is more focused on respiratory distress and pain in the neck, back and chest. While baby blues are more a matter of feeling without any noticeable physical symptoms. Even if there is fear, crying and mood swing too, you must find out first whether this is related to childbirth that just did, or because of other things, such as economic problems, health, or family problems. If because of these things, even though they occur close to the time of childbirth, it still cannot be said as baby blues, because as the name suggests, this sadness must be centered on the baby.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult your mother with a pulmonary doctor or internist, so that you can find out the possibility of the disease through a series of historical excavations, physical examinations and supports such as blood tests, x-rays or CT scans. From there it can be seen whether your mother has pneumonia, pleurisy, obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, or other respiratory diseases. The handling will also be adjusted to the results of the inspection.

Meanwhile, help your mother in her daily activities, make her feel calm, keep her away from pollution and cigarette smoke, and have her checked by a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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