Back Pain Radiating To The Neck After Falling?

Illustration of Back Pain Radiating To The Neck After Falling?
Illustration: Back Pain Radiating To The Neck After Falling? Bing

at noon, I am 21 years old. yesterday I fell and hit the back of my head on the floor. For a moment I lost consciousness and forgot about the events of that day. everything feels like a dream and feels like I’ve been sleeping for a long time. now the head behind the left ear hurts, the neck becomes stiff, the head is also dizzy, but only on the left. I haven’t been to the doctor yet because there’s no one to deliver. what do I have to do? what medicine can relieve pain behind the left ear?rnthank you

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Hello Qoniatu

The existence of a collision / injury to the head should not be taken lightly, especially if you were unconscious and forgot about the incident. Qoniatu needs to know that there are head injuries whose complaints seem not serious enough and sometimes even feel fine even though there has been bleeding in the brain which if not handled properly can lead to death. This condition in the medical world is known as a lucid interval

The following are the symptoms of a moderate to severe head injury, you are expected to see a doctor immediately if there are signs such as the following:

Fainting Dizziness that persists Difficulty maintaining balance, especially when standing Nausea Vomiting Fluid and blood coming out of the nostrils, ear canal, and from the eyes Disorganized speech or inability to communicate Seizures

So what Qoniatu has to do is check with a doctor first so that he can be sure that the head injury he experienced is not a type of head that can endanger lives first. Apart from the symptoms that arise, the doctor also needs to carry out an examination of consciousness (glasgow coma scale), neurological examination (nerves), examination of existing injuries/bruises, and if necessary imaging tests such as CT scans may be needed.

So if you are classified as a moderate or severe head injury, you will be able to give immediate help/handling, and if the result turns out to be a minor injury, Qoniatu can feel calm and the doctor can also give the right pain medication related to the needs of your current condition.

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