Bad Hair Smoothing?

Illustration of Bad Hair Smoothing?
Illustration: Bad Hair Smoothing?

I want to ask about bad hair due to repeated smoothing .. My hair, which was straight and dense, has become curly and wavy (hair grows after smoothing) .. This month I plan to cut short hair in the style of men … is it a haircut like that My hair is back to how it used to be .. or at least it won’t grow hair after smooting again ??

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Hello Siti

Smoothing, straightening, and coloring hair can damage the structure of the hair, making it easy for hair to break / fall out and dry out. However, the hair damage only occurs in the hair, rarely to the root of the hair itself, so that along with the length of the hair, the base of the hair will grow healthily.

However, it also needs to be ascertained whether the hair damage is really caused by doing the smoothing, because hair that turns into curls / waves can be caused by various factors. For example, genetic factors, there are types of hair where as a child to adolescents / young adults the hair is straight, but with age the hair turns wavy. This condition is not a disease and cutting your hair short will not make new hair straight when it is long again.

In some people the hair when the hair gets longer it will look wavy, due to the weight of the hair getting heavier. Then the condition of dry hair can also cause hair to turn wavy, as for dry hair itself can be caused by using shampoos which actually make hair dry, or using too much hair vitamins but not accompanied by the use of hair moisturizer, besides being undergoing certain medical treatments can also affect hair condition.

Although it is not yet certain the real cause of Siti's hair shape change, so cutting her hair very short is not a guarantee that your hair will be back 100% straight, Siti is expected to consult a dermatologist so that further studies can be carried out to determine the source of the problem causing the hair. wave and provide treatment according to the source of the cause.

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