Bad Impact For The Eyes If Too Often Play Online Games?

Illustration of Bad Impact For The Eyes If Too Often Play Online Games?
Illustration: Bad Impact For The Eyes If Too Often Play Online Games?

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Today, not a few people are addicted to playing online games. Of course, anything that is excessive is not good for health, including its relation to playing online games. Lately, the World Health Organization (WHO) has even established gaming addictions (including online games) as a form of mental disorder.

Fondness and addiction are two different things. If this online game is only done occasionally, of course this does not cause a serious impact. In some people, playing online games can help overcome boredom, for example due to accumulated work activities. The problem is, often, this hobby leads to addiction, which causes addicts to prioritize playing online games compared to other life interests, including eating, sleeping, working, studying, and others. A person is said to be addicted to online games if he needs more and more intensity to play to satisfy his desire to play games, and if those desires are not fulfilled, then he will become restless, angry, depressed, and not able to do his activities properly.

Why is playing excessive online games dangerous? Many studies say that the activity of playing games can trigger excessive activity of a chemical in the brain called dopamine. This condition is almost the same as that found in alcoholics or drug addicts. More dangerous, when alcoholics and drug addicts often consume alkogol and drugs to divert the psychological stress they experience, online game addicts often play games instead to get comfortable, without having to be triggered by certain psychological pressures. So, online game addicts are often not aware of their addictions which could potentially endanger themselves. Some online games are also made by providing a fantasy world that is very similar to the real world, but can be controlled solely by the player. Therefore, playing this game can also be used as a player to escape or find other satisfaction due to his imperfectness in real life which is not always as expected.

Specifically for the eyes, the distance between the eyes and the screen of the gadget used to play online games that are often too close can also increase the risk of asthenopia (tired eyes), xerophthalmia (dry eyes), to refractive eye problems (for example nearsightedness). Due to the glare received by the eye when playing online games, your eyes will more easily feel painful, sore, achy, and shaded. This complaint can feel more severe if you basically have problems with your eyes, for example due to refraction problems, inflammation, and so on.

Psychologically, as mentioned above, excessive online gaming can divert the addict from other important activities in his life. This also indirectly affects his social interaction and his ability to establish relationships with family, partners and other people around him. Furthermore, online game addicts can have difficulty finding work, looking for friends, husband or wife, and so on. Physically, the reduced time to sleep due to addiction to online games can make addicts become weak, difficult to concentrate, more often dizzy, headaches, and even increased the risk of having a traffic accident. Some diseases can also increase the risk due to messy sleep patterns, for example heart disease, stroke, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, immune system weakness, mood disorders, to sudden death. Irregular eating patterns due to addicting online games can trigger an increase in stomach acid which will cause you to be nauseous, vomiting, abdominal pain, being thin, malnourished, weak, easily dizzy, and experiencing other health problems.

In addition to the things above, there are still many potential dangers of other online game addictions which of course we cannot describe one by one here. Among these impacts there are also some that still need to be proven again through further research.

Therefore, in relation to your assignment, you should find a more scientific and accurate source so that the truth can be accounted for. The site was created to provide health information and consultation to the general public. Therefore, it is not appropriate if you make our opinion on question and answer forums like this as a scientific reference in the preparation of a thesis or thesis.

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