BAK Bleeding And Menstruation?

Illustration of BAK Bleeding And Menstruation?
Illustration: BAK Bleeding And Menstruation?

Hello. I have had 10 menstrual days and it is not smooth, the blood is only a little out and just spotted. In addition, some days I urinate frequently. On the 5th day I menstruated my pubic itchy I thought irritation. But until now I feel like I’m feeling crazy and after urinating there’s blood. That why?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Complaints that you experience with irregular menstruation and interference with urination may occur because of two different things that happen to occur together. Starting with irregular periods, this can happen because of the following things:

Fatigue or lack of sleep
Stress or a lot of pressure
Impacts of using hormonal contraception
Weight gain that goes up and down is too drastic
Hormonal imbalance in the body

As for disorders of the urinary system, it can occur due to urinary tract infections, kidney infections, kidney stones or bladder stones, and sexually transmitted diseases if you are already actively having sex. For urinary tract infections, the spots may also carry bacteria that enter your urinary tract from the pads you use.

Our advice, you should check yourself to a general practitioner first to be sure about your condition through a series of physical and supportive examinations such as urine tests and blood tests if necessary. Later it will be determined whether you are sufficiently treated by a general practitioner or need to be referred to a specialist.

Meanwhile, do not need to worry too much, get enough rest, multiply the consumption of water and do not hold back urination, avoid sexual intercourse first, and keep your genitals clean. So, hopefully answering your question.

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