BAK Hurts And Wants BAK Constantly?

I want to ask, I piss, it hurts, then I want to pee and I have a urine test, too, if blood is faint, what does that mean? Is it bad?

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First of all, I want to confirm first, is the only abnormality that is found is the presence of faint blood in your urine? When you do urine collection when you are menstruating?

The presence of blood in the urine can be caused by several possibilities, including:

 urinary contamination by menstrual blood ureteral stones infections of the urethra trauma or injury to the urethra physical activity or excessive exercise tumors / cancers of the urethra side effects of certain medications bleeding disorders etc. If you are not menstruating during the examination, you should immediately bring results to the doctor for further evaluation. Your doctor may recommend additional examinations such as ultrasound or CT scan to see whether there are certain abnormalities in your urethra.

For now, you can try to drink more fluids. Conditions that cause the presence of blood in the urine can be dangerous or not, therefore the exact cause must be informed in advance.

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