Illustration of BAK?
Illustration: BAK?

Afternoon, I want to ask 3/4 days I often urinate, the amount is normal, even though I don’t drink all the time, the first day the left abdomen is in pain, but it’s gone … there’s no fever or other complaints, right? Thanks

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Hello Elsa, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself that Rio will try to answer your question.

Frequent urination (BAK) is usually associated with heavy water consumption. Normally BAK frequency is around 4-8 times every day or around 1-1.8L or 0.5-1cc / kgBB / hour. At cold temperatures, sometimes it can also trigger frequent urination. So it is not always BAK which is often the result of a lot of water consumption.

In addition to the frequency and number of urinary tract infections, you should also pay attention to the color of your urine, whether clear or dark yellow. But there are also a number of medical conditions / health problems that result in BAK that is too frequent. Some of the things that cause BAK often are:

 Urinary Tract Infection Diabetes Mellitus Urinary Bladder Overactive Bladder Pregnancy Nerve disorders Psychological disorders (anxiety disorders) Consumption of diuretic drugs So now you can do to ascertain whether frequent urination that you experience is normal. or not, you should consult a doctor directly for an interview about your complaint in detail and a physical examination done directly to you. And if needed, supporting tests will be carried out to confirm the diagnosis. So that if a problem occurs, it can be handled appropriately.

That's all the answers I can give.

Thank you :)

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