Batik And Tightness?

Illustration of Batik And Tightness?
Illustration: Batik And Tightness?

My husband coughed then he said his chest was a bit tight. Do you really have to check ?? Fear of being infected by the Covid 19 virus

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Hi Ika,

Thank you for the question.

Coughing and tightness can indeed be part of the symptoms of a new Corona virus infection, or also called COVID-19. But besides COVID-19, various viral or bacterial infections in the airways and other organ systems can also cause coughing and spasms. In addition, allergies, foreign body aspiration, irritation, acid reflux, and many other diseases can also trigger complaints like your husband experienced.

If the complaint feels mild and if he feels that he is not depleted with a box of COVID-19 sufferers, he should not be rushed to check himself so that the risk of exposure to the virus can be minimized. Even so, maintenance at home is still mandatory, namely by:

Use a mask
Self-isolation, don't leave the house unless it's urgent
Do not carelessly exchange personal belongings with others
Improve personal and environmental hygiene
Do not approach allergens and respiratory irritants, such as smoke, cold, dust, dry air, pollution, animal hair, cigarettes
Rest at least 6-7 hours a day
Eat a variety of healthy foods, but do not be cold, oily, gassed, and artificial sweetness so as not to cough and tightness
Drink more warm water, may also add ginger or honey
Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice

However, if your husband feels his complaints are getting worse, or feel ever in contact with sufferers of COVID-19, do not hesitate asking him to see a doctor or doctor of internal medicine, yes. Thus, the condition can certainly be handled properly so as not to lead to complications that occur dangerous.

I hope this helps.

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