Bdan Sweaty But Feels Cold

Illustration of Bdan Sweaty But Feels Cold
Illustration: Bdan Sweaty But Feels Cold

My body is sweating, but my back feels cold. That’s why I guess it happened? When I was eating, my back waist hurt.

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The thing with your symptoms can be related to the following things

Fever is usually triggered by shivering first
Pain due to muscle tension
Disorders such as infections or stones in the urinary tract

This condition may occur due to causes which may be caused by various things. This should be considered first by trying to overcome it, i.e.

If the body feels fever, consume paracetamol
Expand drinking water 2 liters per day
Improve nutrition properly
Avoid anxiety and stress
Compress the uncomfortable area with the dressing wrapped in ice
Don't hold back BAK

However, if there is a fever of more than 40 degrees, disturbance of consciousness, severe pain, you should check with your doctor for treatment properly

Thus information may be useful

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