Behavior Of Children After Weaning.?

Illustration of Behavior Of Children After Weaning.?
Illustration: Behavior Of Children After Weaning.?

good afternoon. I am ulan aged 24 years. I have a child aged 19 and 19 months. Why is my son’s behavior after weaning so he becomes quiet. not as active as before, more silent (usually his active child cannot be silent and always babbling) only 2 days. The pin is more limp. I tried to give formula milk but the child didn’t want it. Don’t taste it, just give it to me first. Fill in the glass. I tried 3 brands of milk but it still didn’t work. the child is agile again and wants to drink formula milk. thanks in advance.

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Hello Delvi,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what kind of weaning method did you do before? Does your child have a problem with his appetite? Are there other complaints that have arisen?

Weaning does require a strong mentality, not only from the child, but also from the mother. Not infrequently, the weaning process fails if the mother feels "unable to bear it", so she returns to breastfeed her child because it feels a change that leads to negative after the child is weaned.

The age of your child who turns 1 year and 19 months is actually still possible for him to remain breastfed. However, if due to certain considerations you feel the need to wean it, then this also returns to your own choice. You can wean your baby gradually, while giving your child an understanding of why he needs to be weaned, so as not to cause trauma in himself.

The condition of your child, who appears to be less active, may be caused by trauma due to improper weaning processes. It could also be that your child's condition is caused by other factors, such as inadequate food and beverage intake, fatigue, feeling uncomfortable in his body (such as pain, nausea, weakness), lack of sleep, and so on. In fact, maybe also, your child does not actually experience any changes, it's just that you are too carried away.

Preferably, you consult your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be examined more closely, whether the condition occurs related to certain health problems, or not. If not, of course you don't need to worry. You can do the following tips so that the complaint improves:

Still accompany him to play and activity, so he does not feel like he was left
Create a rush that makes it forget the days when nursing first
Give him an understanding of himself who has begun to grow, so he must learn to be independent, eat and drink by himself, and not always depend on you as his mother
Give him a variety of nutritious food and drink so that his stamina and endurance are always maintained
There is no need to force the child to consume formula milk if he does not want to

Hope this helps ...

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