Belekkan On Toddlers Aged 13 Months?

Illustration of Belekkan On Toddlers Aged 13 Months?
Illustration: Belekkan On Toddlers Aged 13 Months?

Afternoon … I want it … my child has been 13 months … but this has already taken place … I have consulted about the medical … it’s not ap2 … I was afraid … I wanted to see my eyes … I don’t know … how come there is a device that is held in the eye … is it right?

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First of all I want to confirm in advance, since when the baby was experienced by a baby, what was experienced is a chord (excessive discharge from the eyes) or watery eyes, whether there are other symptoms such as red eyes, swollen eyelids, baby look uncomfortable with his eyes, etc.?

If what your baby is experiencing is excessive tears and a small amount of eye discharge (which mainly arises when he wakes up), the baby does not experience other disturbing symptoms, then your baby may experience a blockage in the outlet of his tears (ductus nasolakrimalis). The nasolacrimal duct is the channel that connects the eye to the nasal cavity. Tears that are continuously produced by the tear glands will always be removed and flowed through this duct so that they do not gather in the eyes and cause the eyes to keep watering. If the duct is blocked and tears cannot be flowed into the nasal cavity by this duct, the eyes will become watery continuously. This condition is quite common in infants and usually resolves itself as the baby ages.

You can try to compress the corner of the baby's eye with a warm compress and do gentle massage in the corner of the baby's eye every time you change baby's diaper. Make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly with soap before and after this compress and massage.

Generally this blockage will disappear after the baby is 12 months old. If you have done the things above before and the blockage does not seem to improve, then you should take your child to the eye doctor for further examination and therapy. If necessary, the eye doctor will take certain actions to get rid of the blockage. If this action is really needed, there is a special tool that will be inserted into the baby's tear ducts (not put in the eyes). This action is very safe to do and is very effective in helping to get rid of the blockage of the tear ducts. If there are other congenital abnormalities in the baby (not just a simple blockage), then other measures may be needed for the baby. You can discuss directly with your baby's ophthalmologist after the examination is done.

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