Bell’s Palsy?

Illustration of Bell’s Palsy?
Illustration: Bell’s Palsy?

Good evening .. sorry I want to ask .. I feel my head is like turning around every time I feel very often after I eat goat meat .. after I have been diagnosed by doctors diagnosed with vertigo .. after a few days of treatment I suddenly spent swallowing food and drinks too already .. after treatment again the doctor diagnosed Bell’s palsy .. does it have something to do with the symptoms that I experienced with the diagnosis of the doctor who treated me .. actually what are the symptoms huh ?? Please enlighten me, thank you

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Hello Junaedi,

Thank you for asking

Head that feels spinning is usually a symptom of vertigo. Vertigo itself occurs due to disruption in the center of balance, can be in the brain, can also be in the inner ear. The most common causes of vertigo are disorders of the inner ear, for example due to BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), Meniere's disease, vestibular neuritis, and labirintitis. Not only that, vertigo can also occur due to head or neck injuries, brain tumors, strokes, side effects of drugs that damage the ears, migraines, and so on.

Bell's palsy is different from vertigo. Bell's palsy is interpreted as a sudden weakness of facial muscles that are temporary. This condition can make the patient's face shape asymmetrical between right to left side. Sufferers can also experience difficulty swallowing, closing their mouths, ear aches, headaches, taste disorders, and so on. Various literature states that Bell's palsy is closely related to viral infections, for example genital herpes, shingles, cytomegalovirus, measles, flu, rubella, and so on. Diabetics according to many experts are also more at risk of developing Bell's palsy.

Although vertigo and Bell's palsy are two different conditions, these two diseases can occur together in 1 person. It could also, symptoms that arise due to Bell's palsy look similar to dizziness experienced by vertigo sufferers. The inflammation in the inner ear that triggers vertigo may also be caused by a virus that causes Bell's palsy.

Without examining you directly, we are not authorized to determine whether your condition really occurs due to vertigo, Bell's palsy, both, or rather not both (for example dehydration, anemia, hypoglycemia, hypotension, heart disease, mental disorders, etc.). The doctor or neurologist who examines you directly certainly better understand the cause of your complaint, as well as the best treatment for dealing with it. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion by going back to another doctor, okay?

So that your complaints improve, here are our initial suggestions:

much rest
Avoid sudden changes in body position, and too drastic, for example when rising from sitting or standing
Drink enough
Eat more regularly, a little but often
Do not carelessly take other medicines without doctor's advice
Do not consume alcohol

Hope this helps ...

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