Bell’s Palsy?

Illustration of Bell’s Palsy?
Illustration: Bell’s Palsy?

Hello, I want the chronological story beforehand. As a child I fell from a height and hit my left head and was bleeding. And now the muscles in my left face are tense, drawn, uncomfortable, and the shape of the face is not symmetrical. Do I have bell’s palsy symptoms? Thank you …

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Bell's palsy is a medical condition that is paralysis of one side of the facial muscles caused by inflammation of one of the head nerves that functions to regulate the face. Bell's palsy generally occurs suddenly and generally is not a permanent condition. Based on your complaint, the face feels tense, attracted, and uncomfortable and the face is not symmetrical, there are several possibilities that cause similar complaints, such as:

Stiff muscles
Facial muscle cramps
Bell's palsy
Otitis media

It is also important to know the pattern of your complaints from the very first time your complaint arises, whether there is facial muscle paralysis or is limited to tension, etc. which can be known from the question and answer medi and direct examination by the doctor. therefore, I suggest you to visit a neurologist in order to get the clinical classification

For a while:

Avoid massaging or over-manipulating the face
Avoid blowing wind directly on the face area
Get enough rest

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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