Benefits And Side Effects Of The Use Of Essential Oils On Health?

Illustration of Benefits And Side Effects Of The Use Of Essential Oils On Health?
Illustration: Benefits And Side Effects Of The Use Of Essential Oils On Health?

Good afternoon, I want to ask right now, is it a trend for some kind of oil essence, for example y ** ng l **** g oil … can anything be mixed into drinks and used in a diffuser … does it really matter?

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Essential oil is oil that is extracted from plants, can be from flowers, leaves, fruit, wood, or roots. Research on the benefits and safety of using essential oils themselves is still very limited. Some reasons for the difficulty of researching the benefits of essential oils include:

There is no certain standardization in making essential oils. Each product can take plants from different regions, take plants in different seasons, extract in different ways, mix with different concentrations. This can cause different effects of each essential oil product.
It is very difficult to rule out the possibility of the placebo effect from using essential oils themselves. The placebo effect is a positive effect that arises not because of the effect of the therapy given, but because the user believes that the therapy works.

Some types of plants used in extracts of essential oils are known to have certain effects on health. But again, there are no studies that can ascertain the benefits and the level of safety, so its use cannot be recommended in the treatment of certain diseases. The use of essential oils is not prohibited except in certain groups such as pregnant women and infants. It is best to consult a doctor before using essential oils in these groups.

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