Benefits Of MR Vaccine For Children Aged 7 Years?

Illustration of Benefits Of MR Vaccine For Children Aged 7 Years?
Illustration: Benefits Of MR Vaccine For Children Aged 7 Years?

tomorrow the plan is that at my child’s school there will be a vaccine giving mr, my child is 7 years and 8 months old (grade 2 sd) I don’t know about this mr vaccine, please explain about this mr vaccine. what ingredients? benefit for what? halal? age given to brp? how many x should this vaccine be given mr? sorry the question a lot. Thank you in advance

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Hello Dian,

The MR vaccine is a vaccine given to prevent measles and rubella. Measles and rubella are highly contagious diseases. Measles can cause serious complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis, and death. While rubella, if it affects pregnant women, is at risk of causing miscarriage and fetal defects (heart, eye, deafness, developmental delays).

For now, the government is carrying out an MR immunization campaign in August-September 2017 and 2018. Those who are given MR immunization are children aged 9 months to less than 15 years. Furthermore, after the MR immunization campaign ends, the MR vaccine will become a routine vaccine given to children aged 9 months (replacing the measles vaccine), 18 months, and grade 1 SD / equivalent.

For the safety of the MR vaccine, this vaccine has received a WHO recommendation and distribution permit by the BPOM, and has been used in more than 141 countries in the world. As for its halalness, we are not competent to explain the halalness of a particular product or substance. You can consult an expert from the MUI regarding the halal MR vaccine.

The MR vaccine is the same as other vaccines, of course it has a risk of post-immunization follow-up (AEFI). Some of the MR vaccine AEFIs include low-grade fever, red rash, swelling and pain at the injection site. This condition will disappear in 2-3 days. In general, children only need to be given fever reducers and cold compresses at the injection site. If a child has AEFI, immediately consult a doctor or health center that provides immunizations so that further treatment can be given.

It is better for your child to still take the MR vaccine at their school. Unless your child is sick or has a fever, you should first consult the officers who come to school whether the child can be immunized or not. If the immunization has to be postponed because the child is sick, immunization can be recommended 1 week after the child is fever free at the local health center.

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