Benefits Of Pcv And Rotavirus Vaccines?

Illustration of Benefits Of Pcv And Rotavirus Vaccines?
Illustration: Benefits Of Pcv And Rotavirus Vaccines? Bing

at 3 months old baby boy. my baby thank God exclusive breastfeeding. I want to ask if there is a vaccine called PCV and rotavirus, what vaccine is it and is it really important to give it or is it okay if it is not given?

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Hi Mama Nurlina,

Thanks for asking

Vaccination is the administration of a vaccine that aims to provide a stimulus so that the body's immunity against these germs or bacteria is formed, with the aim that if we are re-exposed to the bacteria or virus, it will be immediately recognized and destroyed by our immune system.

PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine) is a vaccine that functions to prevent diseases originating from pneumococcal bacteria which can cause diseases such as pneumonia which is one of the main causes of death in children <5 years, meningitis or bacteremia (infection in the blood). These germs can attack all ages, but have a high risk for children under 5 years and the elderly > 50 years and in people who have certain diseases so that the immune system is reduced. In children, the vaccine is given 3 times under 1 year and a booster once, namely at the age of 2,4 and 6 months, then boosted at the age of 12-15 months with an interval of 4-8 weeks after the previous vaccine administration.

Rotavirus is a virus that attacks the intestines and can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea itself is also a disease that often occurs in children, this diarrhea can cause death in children, if considered trivial and not given proper treatment because children are easily dehydrated due to lack of fluids. There are 2 types of rotavirus vaccine in circulation, namely monovalent which is given 2 times, the first dose is given at 6-14 weeks of age and the second dose is given at 4 week intervals. Pentavalent is given 3 times the dose, the first dose is given at the age of 6-14 weeks, the second and third doses at intervals of 4-10 weeks, the maximum is given until after 32 months.

Both of these vaccines are immunizations recommended by the ministry of health but are still included in the immunization of choice because they cannot be given for free throughout Indonesia such as free vaccinations which are usually given at puskesmas, so if you are a parent who wants to give the vaccine, you should visit a hospital or private practice that is provide immunizations of choice.

A few things to note:

If your child is past the age of giving the vaccine, you should first consult your pediatrician
Tell your child's health condition to the doctor before immunization
Consult immediately if there is an allergic reaction after immunization
Pay attention to your baby's immunization schedule.

That's all I can say, I hope your baby is always healthy.

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