Benefits Of Zinc And Vitamin C?

Illustration of Benefits Of Zinc And Vitamin C?
Illustration: Benefits Of Zinc And Vitamin C?

Hello. Yesterday I had the flu and cough, meanwhile the medicine I was taking didn’t have any easing effect, after I browsed the internet, when I was sick the body needed zinc intake, but my mother said it was because of lack of vitamin C, so what happened. thank you

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Flu and cough are acute respiratory disorders that are often encountered. Complaints about flu and cough that you experience may be an accumulation of your physical fatigue condition and your immune system decreases. Inflammation due to allergies, viral infections or bacterial infections can trigger flu and cough complaints that you feel. So restoring your stamina becomes an independent step you can take.
Some independent efforts to increase endurance can you try, such as:
1. Avoid sleeping late at night
2. avoid physical fatigue
3. Inadequate healthy and balanced nutritional needs, including zinc and vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and fats
4. Avoid instant foods and instant drinks in containers
5. sufficient water needs
6. avoid disease transmission from other patients
So, meeting the needs of vitamin C and zinc will help you increase your stamina and endurance, and ultimately help this recovery. You can consume zinc and vitamin C according to the rules of use of the products you use. However, you also continue to do other efforts to support your recovery.
In addition to trying some of the above, it is important to know the cause of this flu and cough, so that it helps determine the cause and help you handle the right one. Some of the conditions below often provide the same complaints as you feel, namely:
1. strep throat
2. allergic
3. sinusitis
4. deviation of the nasal septum
5. inflammation of the adenoids
6. bronchial inflammation
7. pneumonia
8. typhus
If you have tried to increase stamina, but these complaints are still disturbing, or complaints of fever accompanying or increasing complaints, then you should consult directly with your family doctor or your ENT specialist. The doctor will conduct a physical examination and supporting examinations (blood tests, radiology) if needed. The results of the inspection will be a reference for treatment and handling.
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