Bent Every Time You Have A Fever?

Illustration of Bent Every Time You Have A Fever?
Illustration: Bent Every Time You Have A Fever?

my child is 4 years old..every fever my child must have been bumped until it is swollen on his body and face … what is the cause and how to overcome it?. please info … thank you.

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Hello Roychan, Thank you for the question.

Are there other skin rashes such as red spots or just bumps = red bumps? Do these bumps itch? Have you ever checked your child's condition to a pediatrician?

Children are susceptible to both viral and bacterial infections because their immune systems are not yet optimal when compared to adults. Many viral infections that occur in children cause the appearance of fever and skin rashes, some of which are measles, rubella, chicken pox, Singapore flu, roseola infantum, and others. However, if you are not referring to the infectious disease, then it is possible that your child has an allergy to hot air so that when body temperature rises, skin rashes appear like biduran. Hives are red itchy rashes on the skin that feels itchy which can be accompanied by the appearance of swollen skin. In general, hives are caused by allergic reactions.

The best step you can take is to immediately consult a pediatrician when this complaint occurs so that the doctor can ascertain the bumps you are referring to and do an examination of your child's condition. From this examination, the doctor will be able to determine further treatment.

Please do the following when your child has a fever:

use thin and loose clothing with a material that is easy to absorb sweat do compress water on your child's body to help lower body temperature, do not wait until your body temperature continues to monitor your child's body temperature with a thermometer periodically give your child paracetamol according to the dose listed on the packaging of the drug to relieve fever, take care of your child's food and drink intake. Hopefully this information is useful.

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