Bent In The Hand Like Thrush?

Illustration of Bent In The Hand Like Thrush?
Illustration: Bent In The Hand Like Thrush?

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Bumps bumps on the skin, ideally done direct examination to assess skin abnormalities that occur. Various causes of bumps on the skin, including:

Insect bite
Allergic reaction

Hives or calligraphs
Keratosis Pilaris

Skin infections due to parasites, viruses or bacteria such as scabies, acne, ulcers, furunculosis, herpes, etc.

In addition to bumps, are there any abnormalities or complaints such as pain and itching in the affected skin area, or there are other signs of inflammation such as redness and swelling in the area of ​​the skin that has lesions. Do you have a history of previous allergies is also important to know.
Therefore, to find out the exact cause is needed direct examination and identification of specific skin disorders. In this case, conducting an examination to the nearest doctor is highly recommended.
Some suggestions that you can do at home include:

Avoiding exposure to allergens
Use itching lotion if itching is felt
Keep the environment clean and personal hygiene
Avoid stress
Pay attention to food intake that might potentially cause allergies
Do not scratch excessively if itchy
Don't intentionally break down bumps on the skin

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